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Caring for your houseplants:

  • Select a location with moderately bright light so your plant is protected from direct sunlight in summer. Place your plant near a sunny window during the winter.

  • Because plants prefer moderately moist soil, make sure to water them thoroughly only after the soil is dry to the touch. Don't overwater or let plants stand in water.

  • Tropical green plants flourish best in temperatures between 70 and 72 degrees during the day and between 65 and 70 degrees at night.

  • Avoid excessively hot or cold areas when choosing a location for your plant.

  • Fertilize your plant periodically, following the manufacturer's directions.

  • Tips for success - provide adequate light and avoid waterlogged soil.

Helpful tips on flower and plant care

Caring for floral arrangements:

  • Immediately upon receipt, check the arrangement's water level, as flowers get very thirsty. Mix our floral preservative packet with warm water and add it to the arrangement daily. If your arrangement is in floral foam, make sure to keep the foam saturated.

  • Display the floral arrangement in a cool location that is free of direct sunlight. Also, avoid drafty and excessively hot or cold areas when choosing a location.

  • To rearrange your arrangement, cut all stems under water with a sharp knife or scissors. Then, place it in a clean container filled with warm water that contains a floral preservative.

Ensure your floral arrangement lasts

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